Interview for the salary

A salary plays a key role in finding or holding a job. Sometimes these negotiations can be really difficult – on the one hand, we don’t all know how to express our expectations, and on the other hand, our and the employer’s expectations can be radically different. However, sooner or later, everyone has to touch on this topic.

What should these negotiations look like?

The first thing to look at when looking for a job is how much money the employer is offering for a particular position. It would be naive to expect to negotiate a much higher salary than specified in the advertisement. Surely, both sides should be willing to negotiate to some extent.

The second important interview usually takes place during the course of the job – the salary review. Ideally, your employer will be the first to start this interview, either after seeing your performance or at the end of your probationary period. Less ideally, the employee can initiate the conversation himself or herself.

Important moment

It is important to remember that your existing financial commitments, changes in your marital status and other non-work-related stresses are not a reason to start talking about a pay rise.

Prepare for the interview in advance by being honest about your achievements over a certain period of time and by mentioning what specific activities or projects you intend to implement in the future within the planned time frame and how they will benefit their company.

Have you got a question from your employer about financial expectations and feel uncomfortable revealing them?

Ask some time to think. Don’t be afraid to search the Internet to find out what salaries are offered for your specific role at a similar company. If the employer has started the conversation, let the employer express his or her expectations as well.

Above all, remember that not everything is measured in money – self-realisation is just as important. 

Small steps forward…

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